Ann Liddell is probably best known within Catholic circles for her nationally popular hymn Zion. Her first CD features Zion and thirteen other songs, most of which originated in the Charismatic Renewal movement of the 1970s/80s, but speak to the spirit just as powerfully today.

Come The Angels Cry Out is a joyful invitation for God to enter our lives, and for us to be confident in his saving grace. We can rely on his help, as Remember I Am With You Always reminds us, while Friend Move Up Higher is a spirited reminder us that God will elevate the friends who serve him.

In Go Woman, Christ reminds us that we need to look into our own hearts before judging others, while Betrayed speaks for, and to, those whose trust has been abused in any way.

Human Pride is about God’s covenant with us, while Gracious Lady is a description of Mary, the Mother of God, from Revelation, and her position now as a powerful intercessor and a protector of those who profess Christ as their Saviour.

The words of Wild Geese were written by a close French friend, Michele, who died in 1997 after a ten-year fight with cancer. It’s a song which never fails to move me, with its sense of yearning for peace in Christ. I Have Longed And Longed, a song sometimes referred to as The Paschal Meal, also speaks of yearning, but from Christ’s angle. Your Light Is Rising expresses the sense of paralysis and anxiety that pain, confusion and sin create in us, while Shine On Morning Glory expresses how this situation is transformed by the passion of Christ.

God Is Building a City and the popular anthem Zion joyfully invite you to participate in the mission of Christ. Finally, Holy Spirit Came To Me gently grounds us in the message that when we are open to God’s call, the Holy Spirit’s gifts will be given to us to help us in this work.

Songs of praise, reflection and prophecy have the power to touch lives. If any of these songs speak to your spirit as they speak to mine, the mission of this CD will have been accomplished.
Song Samples

Come the Angels Cry Out
Remember I Am With You Always
Friend Move Up Higher
Go Woman
Wild Geese
Gracious Lady
Human Pride
Your Light Is Rising
I Have Longed And Longed
Shine On Morning Glory
God Is Building A City
Holy Spirit Came To Me